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Posted by Lesa Bryant on

Another Inspection Company in Long Island Gives to The Cause

A local Long Island company – Advanced Home Inspections, LLC recently gave so freely of their time and had a company volunteer day to support this unique cause. This created a buzz in the Long Island inspection arena and we are proud to announce that another Long Island home inspections company has come forward to make a sizeable donation. This move has not only helped to improve research and the works that we do; it has generated a huge impetus in the way we carry out our assignment. We are extremely grateful for this kind gesture as it will help to lift the ideals of the entire Forestry for the Bay cause.

It is on record that most of the things we do are dependent on the goodwill of individuals or corporate organizations that lend their support. Our operations have witnessed a new leap as more corporate bodies are beginning to become conversant with our vision. It is good to underscore the fact that this positive turn was as a result of a concerted drive on our part to create awareness of our cause. The last two years has been used to engage various channels to help people understand the need to support our goals. Beyond the fact that it will help the environment, it helps to put the brand of supporting organizations in a positive light.

We are highly elated with this recent donation from this Long Island home inspections firm because it came at the right time. We are on the verge of expanding the number of personnel on our team. This is to help us focus on deeper issues that affect our environment. In the light of the new stream of funds that we have generated, we will continue to champion the need to take care of the forest on the social media. The general overview of our campaign is to bring back the state of the environment to a place where everyone can fully explore the beauty of nature.

Home InspectorAlso, we must not forget to appreciate the fact that these donations have made us appear in various interview sessions in local TV Stations (and every Long Island home inspection company was publically recognized). There has been no better time to keep trumpeting the benefits of supporting our cause than this time. It is evident that the more awareness we generate, the more people commit funds to what we do. Based on our experience with the Long Island companies, we will strategically reach out to other corporate firms for support.

The proposition that we have for the coming year is to keep building on the successes that we have achieved. As long as we keep getting the right hand of partnership, there is nothing that can stop us from reaching all our organizational milestones. The platform to reach out to young ones and help to educate them about our goals has been set. We will keep riding on these waves till everyone comes on-board this unique vision. We have witnessed one of its most positive runs since inception and we will not rest on our oars till we hit the pinnacle of success.

In ending this post we want our readers to realize that each one of us might not be able to change the entire world, but “we” can change our world, and that is the most important thing for each of use to remember. Changing our attitude and contributing what we can, when we are able will make dramatic differences and change the way we think as people.