Blue Collar Worker Who Saw The Big Picture

The recent strides that have been witnessed in the wild life niche have been quite encouraging. Many individuals have embraced the role of supporting the preservation of the trees and wildlife. A blog post by the piano movers Sacramento company showed that they had caught the bug about wildlife. In his message, the CEO shared about his interests in wild life and how a percentage of their profit will be channeled in that direction. He encouraged his employees to do what they can in order to support this laudable initiative. It is one of the high points of their financial year to share with the staff the direction that the company desires to go.

Picture of trees with standfortrees logoThe buzz generated by this post had a far-reaching effect as many individuals shared it on social media. The wife of Mr. Merlin Walcott, who is a small business owner in Sacramento, California, took interest in the subject. She did her research and was convinced that it is a worthy cause. She kept going through the Internet and placed some orders for journals that addressed the subject. On a given day, she played a video that highlighted what could be done to preserve the trees and the wildlife. Mr. Walcott happened to watch the piece and something changed in him.

He became almost a radical for the Stand For Trees and wildlife movements practically overnight. He became one of their most vocal advocates and helped to mobilize a decent number of small business owners to join in the move. Mr. Walcott believed that he had found a purpose for living because he knew that the wildlife was not just a vocation but a call for him. The first thing he did was to design a portion of his company’s website to capture details about wildlife. The comments he got from visitors to his site encouraged him to do more.

Picture of the forestsHe opened a fund page where people could donate directly to a good cause that supports the preservation of nature’s gift. Mr. Walcott did not expect so much success but he noticed that this drive kept gaining momentum. It was a huge surprise when he got a call from the Governor’s office. He was recognized as one of the people who were making a difference in the State. This made Mr. Walcott become more zealous about doing more for the environment. Each conversation he had with anyone always had a thing to do with this subject.

As Mr. Walcott’s business grew, he hired an assistant to help him run his business so that he could devote more time to this cause. He began rallying people to push for lawmakers to enact laws that will safeguard the environment. The results he has received show that he will soon hit the level of becoming a national influence on this subject. The passion that he has about the environment has become a family, business and community movement. He used his influence as a small business owner who is well known in the community to draw huge support for this cause.

Mr. Merlin Walcott has fully committed to spend the rest of his life protecting the environment.