Why Home Inspectors Are Concerned For the Forest

The recent move by the state government to carry out deforestation has raised concerns among top home inspectors. In a meeting that was held at an events center, they presented various reasons to the public why people should go against the move. However, it is important to mention that some of their concerns are based on short term issues. Overall, their agitation has necessitated the government to send representatives to hold discussions with them in order to chart the way forward. Most citizens are following the events with keen interest to know which end the pendulum will swing.

An inspector checking the plumbing in a houseIn their communique, the Long Island home inspection companies stated that the wildlife and rodents that may be forced to move into some homes in the area will cause high level destruction. They stated that when the forest is cut down by the Government, it may lead to rodents invading some wood-based houses and causing havoc. In a counter motion, the government questioned the premise on which these home inspectors are building their argument. The government assured that they have taken holistic steps to ensure minimal loss of wild life or damage to homes. It is interesting to mention that no one has been able to fully convince the populace.

The poll that was conducted across the State to find out people’s opinion on the move to carry out deforestation proved to be inconclusive. In order not to topple the apple cart, both parties have resolved to maintain the status quo. In a sense, the home inspectors see their move as being a socially responsible one. They believe that people will lose out on the value of their homes if these rodents destroy the basic components. Furthermore, they stated that the environment will suffer and there may be increased pollution in the area.

A local media organization decided to go on memory lane to educate people about the environment. In their documentary, they tried to balance their position and let people judge about what is right. The program mentioned that deforestation will lead to increased acres of land that may be used for different developmental purposes. On the other hand, they questioned the system in which the government will use in clearing the area. They felt it will hurt the environment and there might be an outbreak of air pollution in the area. The documentary ended by asking people to go on a social media page to air their views.

Generally, the home inspectors consider the stall in the move by government as a win. They stated that the more people voice out against the planned deforestation, the government will have to bow to the wishes of its citizens. Another mix to this situation is the belief that jobs will be created at the long run if deforestation is carried out. Industries will be able to set up their businesses and employ the citizens. No one truly knows what is ideal but the current halt in the proposed deforestation plan has created some calm in the State.

The debate continues but it must be noted that the concern of the Home inspectors for the Forest has helped to shape public opinion.