Kitchen Contractors Making a Difference

The impact of trees on the environment has gained widespread exposition as more hands are coming on deck to safeguard the trees. A leading company in Long Island has decided to take on the responsibility of contributing their quota to make the world a safe place. Their company – officially named Kitchen Remodeling Long Island heard about some of their fellow contractors standing up and helping to save the trees. This new drive in their industry changed their whole way of thinking regarding the wonderful environment that we live in. The management of the organization decided to do something to show their solidarity and support for this initiative.

A Long Island Kitchen Remodeling CrewIn one of their meetings, it was suggested that a day should be given when they and their families would have an event that supports the cause of preserving the trees. Everyone agreed to this and they started making plans to make the event a success. One of the things they did was to publish a newsletter that showed the company’s philosophy and what they intend to achieve. As a follow up, the public relations specialist organized a press conference where the CEO shared the new values that the company holds dearly. He promised that they will keep doing more in the coming years as a way of giving back to the society.

Also, the company began to make extensive blasts in the social media and they sent mails to those on their list. It was obvious that this was not just another event on their calendar. They were poised to give everything something to believe and fight for. A sizeable amount of the company’s budget was allocated to the quest to keep the trees preserved. The grand event to show their support for the trees was fixed for the third Saturday in the month. On that day, each member of the company brought their families out to enjoy the event. They had BBQ and the company picnic was full of fun and excitement. At the end of the event, the CEO announced that this program will be an annual tradition within the company.

One of the things that this company did was to connect with all reporters who covered issues that relate to the environment. They promised to sponsor them to events that help them sharpen their skills and better educate the society. They pledged to do everything possible to ensure that the cause of tree preservation never suffers due to lack of funds or publicity.

In a sense, it is not surprising that this company has taken this stand. When the company was starting out, the CEO emphasized that their goal is to make the society a better place. He stated that they will go beyond the conventional workings of a kitchen remodeling company. The efforts they have made in recent times further buttresses this stance. In a very enterprising move, the company has already picked a natural park that will keep getting funding from a percentage of the company’s profits for the next ten years. The commitment of this organization to the environment is bound to bring many positive benefits to all.