Recognizing Dental Leaders in the Save the Trees Movement

The number of dentists who have been committed to the cause of the trees and its preservation have been on the rise. A recent discussion with an emergency dental near me practitioner showed that this trend is spreading like wildfire. He believes that the nature of the conventional dentist in saving lives has spread to the need to also save the trees. There are so many names that have played a pivotal role in this cause but a few dentists who have stood out will be mentioned in this piece. The aim of this post is to show that people from different walks of life have banded together in pursuing this very laudable initiative.

Group of dentistsThe owner of Jason Dental Clinic, Dr. Phillip Jason has been a prominent part of this crusade. He recently led a 100-man team to plant some trees in a Park not too far from the city center. According to Dr. Jason, he has lent his full support to this cause because he believes that it will help for the posterity of the environment and our children. He stated that when he was training to be a dentist, he knew that he had to look for other ways to give back to the society. He said that he was glad that this opportunity came and he emphasized that he will make the most of it.

Another dentist who has stood out is Dr. Frank Stephenson. He runs the Avant-Garde Dental Clinic but has gained popularity as a man who cares for the environment. In his words – ‘’There is no better time to show that we truly believe in the goodwill that must be extended to everyone than to create greater good in the society through the preservation of the trees in our environment.’’ Dr. Stephenson recently started a club in a nearby College that will help the young ones to have more awareness about the trees in our society.

Picutre of local dentists in the forestA walk in dentist near me who has chosen to be anonymous said that in his estimation, there has never been a time in the history of humanity where dentists have shown so much interest about the environment. He stated that he is proud of the accomplishment of his colleagues and that he prays other professionals come on-board this unique move. In his views, he believes that many young people will automatically take interest in knowing more about the trees based on the drive by leading dentists.

One dentist who has played a phenomenal role in the cause of the trees is Dr. Sean Goodman. He runs that Beauty Place Dental Practice. Dr. Goodman has invested about $10,000 to ensure that various sensitization messages about the trees are consistently run on the conventional media. He said that the people who are being educated will in turn tell others about the need to help in the preservation of the trees. He said that he has created a desk in his dental practice that educates people about trees and what they must do in order to be part of this unique initiative.