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This program is designed to assist homeowners who have a stream or other waterway on or adjacent to their property to create a streamside buffer of native trees and shrubs. A streamside buffer can create habitat for wildlife, reduce peak winter temperatures, and reduce the amount of sediment, fertilizer, and toxic materials that enter our waterways. Deep-rooted trees and shrubs can also stabilize streambanks, protecting them from erosion. 

The Backyard Buffers program provides a free “buffer in a bag” to help get homeowners started in buffering their streamside. The bag includes 15-30 native
tree and shrub bare-root seedlings, approximately 1 to 2 feet in height, of various species that are well suited to streamside conditions.

Forests for the Bay will co-sponsor a Woods in Your Backyard workshop with Penn State Extension, the Clearwater Conservancy and the Centre County Conservation District  on Saturday, March 8th, at University Park.  This workshop is designed specifically (but not exclusively) for 1 to 10 acre landscapes. By enhancing wooded areas or creating natural areas on your lot, you can enjoy recreation, aesthetics, wildlife, improved water quality & reduced energy costs.  

Owners of even the smallest landscapes can make a positive difference in their environment through planning and implementing simple stewardship practices learned at The Woods in Your Backyard workshop.

This is a publication is written specifically for new Maryland woodland owners or landowners who'd like learn more about woodland resources.

Native to the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay, the eastern brook trout is a sensitive species that needs cold, clean water to survive. But as regional water quality has declined, so, too, have brook trout populations, leading to lost revenue and diminished fishing opportunities for headwater states. Brook trout play a critical role in the watershed: they are an important part of the region’s natural heritage, a driver of economic growth and an indicator of environmental health. Read more and see video segment.

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and US Forest Service announced the 2013 winners for the Chesapeake Forest Champions contest. The purpose of their annual contest is to recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals and groups to conserve, restore and celebrate forests throughout the six state Chesapeake Bay watershed.

NEW Forestry guide for woodland owners top

 Penn State Extension releases its new Forestry with Confidence: A guide for Woodland Owners.